Waterloo Bonfire and Spectacular Fireworks

The Joys of UK Festivities

Welcome to all the wonders of festivities in the UK. Stunning, wondrous, inspiring and joyous are just some of the words to describe festivities in the UK.

The UK has a very extensive number of festivals, events and random activities. Spring and summer are perfect for UK festivities. Music, outdoor theatre, the circus, fairs, travelling art, theatre and carnivals can all be found for free or paid for in the UK. Fireworks are also part of the fun. Some events and festivities also happen informally in the UK. Bonfires on a farm or beach can occur anywhere in the UK.

Learn more about festivities in the UK. Enjoy the fun!

5 Ways to Make Money While Having Loads of Fun

15 Feb 2021

Loads of Fun Everyone could do with a little extra cash. Whether you're saving up for something special or want to pay off excess debt, more money is always welcome.

Sometimes your full-time job doesn't quite bring in enough and you need to find alternative ways to supplement your income. At the same time, you may not want the burden of a second job that will cut into all your leisure time.

This article will provide you with several fun ways to make money while allowing you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Fun Ways to Make Money

There are multiple ways to earn a little extra cash every month. Some methods require discipline, dedication and hard work. Online opportunities like freelance writing, transcription and virtual assistant jobs fall into this category.

They don't take up too many hours and you can do it on a part-time basis. If you're looking for money-making methods that require less effort, these options might be of interest to you:

  • Starting a blog
  • Survey apps
  • TikTok/YouTube
  • Online gambling
  • Selling photos

Starting a Blog

If you're a writer, this might be the ideal venture for you. It's a bit like keeping a journal, but for a public audience. Your blog's content can comprise anything you're passionate about, be it cooking, fishing or beauty. It's fairly simple to start, and there's plenty of resources online to give you step-by-step guidance.

To begin, you'll need to decide on a niche and a name for your blog. Then register and get hosting. Once you've designed your site, you can start publishing your posts promoting it on social media.

When you've established your site, there are several ways that your blog can bring an income. These are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling advertising space
  • Selling products
  • Sell digital downloads
  • Sell membership or subscription

Survey Apps

Although the rate of profit per survey is relatively low, it's a quick and easy way to earn cash. It only takes ten to fifteen minutes to answer multiple-choice type questions and get paid weekly. There's usually only one or two surveys available at a time. Still, if you sign-up with several operators, you'll be able to generate a fair amount of money with minimal effort.

Selling Photos

Stock-photography is a great way to earn cash. If you enjoy taking interesting snaps, you can sell them to websites and have sustainable side-income.

Online Gambling

Casino games are a trending form of entertainment. You can try your luck at gambling online at a casino or using arbitrage betting and possibly gain financial rewards while having fun.

Social Apps

Social media and other online platforms have developed beyond communication. If you enjoy an online presence, you can make a living from apps like YouTube, TikTok and even Instagram. The quality of your content will determine your success rate.

The more viewers and subscribers you have, the better your prospects will be.


Making money doesn't always require hard work. There are many ways to earn an income that are fun. All it takes is creativity and passion.

Enjoying a Good Circus

28 Nov 2020

Circuses used to be very popular, but they have now become harder to find. Unless of course, you are visiting the UK and have the opportunity to enjoy the circus events that have evolved over the last 250 years. It is an occasion that will create lasting memories.

UK Festivals

31 Oct 2020

When visiting the UK, there are plenty of things to see and do. Most put visiting the famous landmarks on the top of their "to-do" list. What should also be included is a visit to the many festivals that take place here during the different times of the year.

Guy Fawkes Celebration

31 Aug 2020

For those who enjoy a good event that is full of activities, including fireworks, then they will want to be sure to visit the UK during the Guy Fawkes Celebration. This is an event that has gained recognition all over the world. Each year it grows in size with its attendance.